The Emperor Tarot Card

Description: A man sits on a throne with four ram heads at the corners. He wears a golden crown on his head and in his right hand is a golden cross. The Emperor stands for masculinity, for logic, reason and authority. He stands for left brain activity as opposed to right brain feminine creativity and intuition. Ruled by Mars, he is extroverted and fiery, but these qualities are tempered by stability, foundation and firm structure.
Association: The Emperor is associated with the number 4 and the astrological planet of Mars.

Positive Meaning: A positive Emperor stands for structure and power, worldly achievement and the competitive drive it takes to make a mark in the world. He can also stand for authority in some form, whether business or government. He may also stand for a father, or someone who plays that role in your life. Whatever form of authority he stands for, the Emperor wants to be boss.

Negative Meaning (reversed): Other people seem to be in control of your life, not you. If you are in a position of authority, you are about to lose some or all of it. You feel drained, threatened and vulnerable. The Emperor can also indicate someone who is out of touch with their masculine side and be lacking in ambition, or dominated by a parent. In relationships, a negative Emperor is often a cold calculating person who is using you for their own ends.

Spell Casters and Psychic Spells

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Fortune Money and Attraction (upright reading given)
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Black Magic Loveless Breakup (reversed card shown in reading)
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