Hierophant Tarot Card in Wicca Spell Casting

Description: A priest or pope sits on a throne with a golden crown on his head and holds a golden cross in his left hand. His right hand is raised in the teaching position and he wears a red robe with three crosses down its front while two lesser priests kneel before him.
Association: The Hierophant is associated with the number 5 and the astrological sign of Taurus.

Positive Meaning: A positive Hierophant represents orthodoxy and conventionality and often points to conventional learning such as a university or school. There is a great love for routine and outer details, tidiness and conventional appearance. When this card represents a person, it can mean a gifted teacher, priest, mentor or interpretor. It can also mean marriage.

Negative Meaning (reversed): Arnachy and rebellion, a desire to part with tradition and convention and break all the rules. If you are seeking professional advice at this time, it would be wise to ask for a second opinion. Do not judge a book by its cover or rush into any new agreements.

Wicca and Tarot Spells from Caster Marie-Cindy

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