Lovers Tarot Card in Spell Casting

Description: An angel looks down on two naked humans, a man and woman, and seems to urge them to join hands. Ruled by Gemini, the twins, this card represents the blending of active and passive, positive and negative, conscious and unconscious, a mental and emotional marriage that can only be brought about through love.
Association: The Lovers is associated with the number 6 and the astrological sign of Gemini.

Positive Meaning: The first meaning of this card is an emotional, spiritual and physical union such as the union of soulmates. Any relationship under this card will be a powerful one. The second meaning of this card is choice, usually a very important one, and you are counseled to think long and hard before you make it.

Negative Meaning (reversed): Adultry, sex without love and other relationship difficulties. Jealousy and disappointment, failure of a relationship. Could indicate a lover's deception. This is a time of shifting in your love life and love relationship. Consider using love spells. There is plenty of no time to bring back your lover. Consider using spells instead.

Love Spells and Tarot Card Readings from Spell Caster Marie-Cindy

Powerful Relationship Fix Spell (upright reading given)
Relationship Spells

Return my love ritual (upright reading given)
Return Lover Spells

Fortune Money and Attraction (upright reading given)
Attraction Spells

Spell Casters Delight Conjure (reversed card shown in reading)
Black Spells

True Witch Love Bounds (reverse card shown in reading)
Witch Love

Faster Love Found Ritual (reverse card shown in reading)
Faster Love

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