Description: A naked woman with a wand in each hand dances in the center of a oval wreath symbolic of the Cosmic Egg. At each corner is a representation of the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire, indicating balance, wholeness, knowledge and wisdom because all the lessons of the Major Arcana have been absorbed and completed. Association: The World is associated with the number 21 and the astrological planet of Saturn.

Upright - Positive Meaning: You have reached the end of a cycle in your life and there is a sense of completion and accomplishment. A new cycle is beginning, promising success and fulfillment. All change experienced now is for the better.

Reversed - Negative Meaning: Completion and success is still indicated, but delayed. Or you do not want something to reach completion and are resisting change. There may also be unfinished business before your cycle can be completed. Whatever the reason for delay, the World promises successful completion if you just let go of resistance, finish any incomplete business and come to terms.

Massachusetts Relationship Fixer Spell (World Tarot Card revealed upright during reading)
Relationship Spells

Return My Lover Spell (World Tarot Card revealed upright during reading)
Anaheim Lover Spells

California's Love Attraction Spells (World Tarot Card revealed upright during reading)
California's Love Attraction Spells

Black Magic Loveless Breakup (World Tarot Card showing in reverse during reading)
Black Spells for Dating and Singles

Forbbiden Love and Touch Conjure (World Tarot Card showing in reverse during reading)
Witch Love

Faster Love Found Ritual (World Tarot Card showing in reverse during reading)
Faster Love

You can request a psychic reading by speaking with Marie-Cindy on her contact page. These are the love spells and rituals that will correspond with the outcome resultant of your psychic reading. You should visit this page when the tarot card, The World, has appeared in your clairvoyant reading. You are to request the corresponding spell to gain the most favorable outcome in love, life, money and career.

The World Tarot Card

The meaning of the World card coming up in tarot readings and psychic readings from Marie-Cindy will generally indicate that you are associated with the wrong person in your life. There is someone in your World that is pretending to help you mend your relationship or love situation, but they are not really helping. This tarot card showing upwards can be an indication of your lover moving locations on you in the physical world or the emotional world. His or her feelings could have shifted in a positive direction recently.

Reversed: World tarot card facing reversed is an indication of an interfering spell caster preventing your spells from working. Marie-Cindy has work with people that were in a love triangle with two different people using love spells on the same subject. She has had to remove the other spell casters spells to allow for real love to come back to only you. Consciousness should be brought to the idea that another person may desire a relationship with the very same lover that you seek! When the World tarot card comes up for a career spread, the meaning and understanding of the card is a co-worker interfering.

World: Spell Casters in the USA

The closer you are to a spell caster, the more speed you can get from casting the ritual. It has become common practice to find spell casters in the United States. The location that has the most knowledgeable in spell books and conjuring is the state of Massachusetts. Marie-Cindy starting practicing in Boston, MA and then later on went to North Attleboro, MA for a short period of time. It is enriched with Witchcraft and Wicca history where people have lost their life to practicing the arts. There was a period of time when all witches were hung to their death in history.

The density of spell casters in the USA seems to be around the regions of North Carolina, New Orleans and California, USA. These regions held some of the most powerful in covens. You can find plenty of myths and stories about witchcraft groups going out into the forest to perform magic on behalf of a person that wanted to get their lover back. There were other times when they were speaking with the spirits for guidance on which path to take in life.

North America has led the way in spell casters and talent for a very long time. The power of the rituals and incantations speak volumes. Spell casters will skip using supplies and ingredients during the casting process when they do not feel they are required to achieve successful results. They can still obtain 100% results even when choosing love spells that do not require ingredients and this is a testament to their talent. The real spell casters can solve problems for anyone struggling with relationship issues.

World: Spell Casters in the United Kingdom (UK)

The most experienced spell casters may come from the USA, but the highest level of accuracy in spell casting has been produced by the United Kingdom. Spell casters in the UK are known for their accuracy and ability to solve love difficulties with precision. They can find the location of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend quicker and then cast their ritual upon them.

United Kingdom has a secret fact about spells too! Liverpool is known to be the location that has the greatest quantity of lovers rekindled after a break up. Liverpool, UK was found to simply have more people that were receptive to spell work and also open to spiritual guidance. The greater number of clairvoyance and psychics in the region may have helped influence the general public or society into being receptive to alternative ways to achieve results!

World: Spell Casters in Australia

The Australian Spell Casters are truly something special and talented. These casters tend to be very successful at awkward and weird love quarrels. When you find that your love life and relationship is just confusing to the average person, or you know that you do not live a mainstream lifestyle, the spell casters in Australia have the greatest level of results with love spells than any other country.

Marie-Cindy would recommend them only after an attempt with a spell caster from United States or United Kingdom first. Australian spell casters are known to be more expensive and require your patience. They are often used by people seeking love spells for a long period of time without results and want to give it their last ditch effort. These stubborn situations are rare. The average person can gain 100% results in the other two countries.

Word: Spell Casters to avoid when finding love spells

  • Spell Casters in Nigeria are typically scams or fraud imposters
  • Love Spell Casters from India are ineffective and misguided
  • All spell casters from South Africa because they are not real spell casters

These places are on the list of the highest amount of money spent towards love spells with the least amount of results. Psychic Marie is not officially supporting these countries for people seeking out love spell services.


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Society has a secret -- we are all using spells and magical powers. The love spell books below contain rituals and spell casting that I can perform on your behalf. Do you need a lover back? A fortune of money in your favor? A person to leave your life so that your lover can be with you? Please ask and I shall cast.

Below you will find my love spell books and some educational material on spell casting. To get started, download the spell books and select the love incantation.

Browse each spell book and tell me immediately which spells you want to cast. There is a combination of free spells and powerful love spells that require more of my time in each spell book. Please remember that spell casters that get results will require you to allocate a donation because there is an expense for materials, ingredients and supplies.

This spell book is dedicated to the return of your lover. You will find spells that work immediately here. Love spells from this book should be used for returning a lover in any circumstance or situation.

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